Damasque White

The glorious Damasque White has a great deal of wow factor. It is long stemmed and densely petalled with a sensational fragrance. Everything you are looking for in a scented rose. 

Damasque Blush White

The Damasque Blush White’s fragrance has broad citrusy overtones, which level out into hints of green apple. A stunner with a green outer and a baby-pink inner-core. This is a very strong rose [...]

Damasque Off White 

The Damasque Off White is an impressive rose. Graced with an equally strong fresh scent. The abundant ivory petals with citrus tones open into a classic rose shape. 

Damasque White Pink

The Damasque White Pink rose is chosen for its pretty pink, frilly petals and its peony-like appearance. Besides the great shape it has also a fantastic, strong citrus scent. 

Damasque Milky White

Damasque Milky White is a large cupped full-bloom rose with a strong fruity scent. It opens like a peony and then shows its creamy white petals with a blush of pink on the tips.