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Only the best-graded flowers of  selected varieties measure up to the Damasque standards. In scent, shape and colour. A Damasque flower is pure because of its perfect imperfections. Choose your favourite and enjoy every detail a Damasque rose has to offer.

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Damasque Spray Antique Pink

Fully quartered petals open up in big blooms with an amazingly strong and fruity scent. This rose is a true winner, it opens completely and drops its flower petals after a few days, like nature intended.

Damasque Spray Baby Pink

A true luxury spray rose. Very hard to grow and with it short stems it’s the most exclusive Damasque Spray Rose. Because of its blush pink and fully opening flowers, it’s a rose everyone wants.

Damasque Spray Purple

The Damasque Spray Purple is a strongly scented spray rose with tones from purple to white. A true garden rose.

Damasque Spray Soft Salmon

The Damasque Spray Soft Salmon has one of the prettiest scented sprays around. This beautifully perfumed, salmon to orange rose fits every occasion.

Damasque Cerise

The Damasque Cerise is a gloriously strong scented rose with a hint of sunny citrus. It has an average of 80 layers of petals, with a bright to light pink colour.

Damasque White

The glorious Damasque White has a great deal of wow factor. It is long stemmed and densely petalled with a sensational fragrance. Everything you are looking for in a scented rose. 

Damasque Blush White

The Damasque Blush White’s fragrance has broad citrusy overtones, which level out into hints of green apple. A stunner with a green outer and a baby-pink inner-core. This is a very strong rose for all occasions. 

Damasque Off White 

The Damasque Off White is an impressive rose. Graced with an equally strong fresh scent. The abundant ivory petals with citrus tones open into a classic rose shape. 

Damasque Hot Pink

A showy pink rose, that is the Damasque Hot Pink. The mix of cerise and white in the abundant petals allows it to sit comfortably in many different bouquets.

Damasque Spring Yellow

The yellow bud from the Damasque Spring Yellow opens to a fully petalled, classic garden rose shaped centre. A beautiful rose with a fresh lemon verbena scent.

Damasque Peach

A deep, sweet sandalwood and vanilla scent. The colour of the Damasque Peach is best described as a very dainty pretty peach. With slightly frilled petals and a rounded centre.

Damasque Pale Pink

The Damasque Pale Pink is a tall elegant rose with a pastel pink centre and a truly fabulous scent. The soft and swirly roses and petals open wide enough to expose the centre pollen. It has the swirled velvet petal structure typical of garden roses and an overall soft, to very pale, light ballet pink […]

Damasque Blush Pink

The Damasque Blush Pink is a delicate, salmon-pink rose with surprisingly few petals. It has a beautiful, fruity fragrance and holds well in fully open form. 

Damasque White Pink

The Damasque White Pink rose is chosen for its pretty pink, frilly petals and its peony-like appearance. Besides the great shape it has also a fantastic, strong citrus scent. 

Damasque Pink

The Damasque Pink is a delicate, highly fragrant garden rose that portrays unparalleled beauty and romance. A delightfully pure and wholesome aesthetic rose.

Damasque Baby Pink

The fragrance of the Damasque Baby Pink is very strong, an English Rose myrrh fragrance with lemon and almond hints. It has a medium, cupped bloom form. Its delicate shell pink petals open fully to resemble a peony.

Damasque Pastel Pink

The Damasque Pastel Pink has beautifully toned petals with oyster inners and pale pink outers and is exceptionally scented. 

Damasque Salmon White

Damasque Salmon White displays beautiful shades of pale white, light salmon and blush pink. The large buds open up into a full bloom with a heavenly scent.

Damasque Magenta

The Damasque Magenta is strikingly colourful. The rose displays dark, yet vibrant, magenta petals and a pleasant, strong perfume. 

Damasque Red

The Damasque Red is a pure red rose with velvet petals. Blessed with a sophisticated scent. You can never go wrong with this classic rose.

Damasque Purple

Damasque Purple is a large headed and classic shaped rose. It has a warm and vibrant purple colour. The scent is powerful with a raspberry fruit, May-rose scent and sun-drenched lemon hints.

Damasque Golden White

Damasque Golden White has beautiful creamy, frilly petals. Upon opening it exposes its rich buttermilk centre and delicate scent.   

Damasque Milky White

Damasque Milky White is a large cupped full-bloom rose with a strong fruity scent. It opens like a peony and then shows its creamy white petals with a blush of pink on the tips.

Damasque Mocha

The Damasque Mocha is a beautifully scented, almost brown-coloured, garden rose with hints of copper and bronze. It has a light and calming aroma. Damasque Mocha is a huge favourite for vintage arrangements and fall decorations.

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Where to buy Damasque roses

Damasque roses are only available at selected Damasque retailers around the world.